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The Reason why eglooG even exists:

Ever heard of a mirror site called eglooG? It may sound like an amusing attempt to make fun of the search engine monster Google and in all aspects, eglooG is exactly that. Google was originally meant to be a simple parody of Google but it has since grown into something even bigger, something spectacularly powerful and it has influenced an entire nation it how it approaches using the internet. Many people all around the world dismiss the power of Google as just as another means of using the internet to find what they need or what they want whenever possible but there is something that goes beyond that and this is the core concept that launched eglooG into a phenomenon in some places. So what is that core concept?

This concept is that the internet, in all truth, is a mess and Google puts it all together in a delicate web that allows the users to connect with the randomly flowing information that would otherwise be impossible to find and connect to. Without Google, the entirety of the internet would be one, big mess that would take forever to sort and go through. Google is the very reason people get what they need and are able to find it fast with little to no hassle. You could literally type in any word in the Google search bar and get instant access to a number of websites that are relevant to your search.

Google is the most powerful search engine. There is no doubting that. It searches for relevant data better than Yahoo and Bing and combined ever since Google released its new Panda system. This new system actually checks the content of a page and how it correlates to the used keyword and then it also uses a unique algorithm to check how much a user likes the page by measuring how much time he or she spends on the page and how many times he or she keeps going back to that page. When searches for that particular keyword arise on the search bar, Google uses the relevant scores from Google Panda to pool out a proper page rank system.

So what happens when you take Google away?

When you take Google away, your entire community would scramble for information. Of course there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing but there are number fatal flaws when it comes to these two search engines. First, MSN is a very weak search engine as it focuses mainly on the very beginning of a web page. This means its web crawlers don't search everything in a page's content. If you're webpage doesn't have all the necessary info at the beginning of the page, MSN will dismiss it. Yahoo on the other hand focuses much on keyword densities. This was what Google does as well, and eglooG on the same degree, but Yahoo takes it to a new level. Yahoo's dedication to keywords makes its searches somewhat irrelevant sometimes because it is only searching for websites that bear those keywords even though the content of the site is a little off-topic. Google addresses this with its new Google Panda system, as mentioned above, which introduces a new algorithm that compares the keywords with the quality of the content on that particular page to make an accurate page rank for searches.

Unfortunately though Google is so good at its job that sometimes people think that it is the one reason why some consider that it should be controlled or banned. Web content had been controlled and manipulated before but it had also hit Google before and it happened in the most populated nation in the world.

Back in 2002 The People's Republic of China banned Google outright. The government is already known for banning several websites like Wikipedia and others but when they banned Google, for whatever reason they have, it took away not just the bad things they were trying to avoid but it also took away the good things that the most powerful search engine is known for. This is why Google became a very popular site. So what is eglooG anyway and how does it work like Google and how does it help the people where the latter search engine is not allowed for use?

Explaining eglooG:

The best way to explain what eglooG is and how eglooG works is to explain the basic concept of a mirror site and then what a mirror image website is and how those two differ. Here's a quick dive into the prior entry.

A mirror site is a website dedicated to reducing network traffic. Most websites want a lot of traffic flowing in and out of their webpage but some pages want very little traffic; this is because they are usually sharing files or information that should only be limited to a few members or because too much traffic could lessen the strength of downloading certain files and information. Google is not a mirror site but it functions a bit like one in the sense of things. What it really is is a mirror image website. It started as a joke on the word "mirror" and this is where eglooG began.

A mirror image website is pretty much what you think of when someone mentions "mirror image". eglooG pretty much runs exactly as Google, featuring everything Google has and runs as a search engine exactly as Google does but with one, big exception: everything is spelled and featured backwards. Google itself is Google spelt backwards. It even has the "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" buttons but they are again spelt backwards as "hcreas eglooG" and "ykcuL gnileeF m'I".

It doesn't stop there however. The search results are also displayed as mirror images, literally becoming mirror sites in their own right and this allows users to find information, access and utilize websites and pages that would otherwise be banned in the nation. Search results take a little while longer to appear on the eglooG search result page because what eglooG does is take actual data from Google and utilizes Python to display it as it should be on their page.

Is this whole eglooG thing meant to be a joke?

eglooG looks like another silly prank and in all truth of the matter, eglooG was originally meant to be no more than an internet joke the same way Unwikipedia is a prank call on Wikipedia and it was originally hosted by the people at All Too Flat, a website dedicated entirely to parody and internet jokes. The whole point back then was to take the words "mirror site" and flip it on its head by being a radical, literal interpretation of the meme. Where a mirror site is a duplicate of another website for more access to information, Google presented itself as a mirror image of Google in general. What they didn't realize is that by doing so, it became a real mirror site as well. The whole point in the beginning was to function as a mere ractical joke on people utilizing Google too much but as it turns out, eglooG became a very necessary tool for keeping the World Wide Web stable in some places like China.

How did the whole thing fall into place? How could something as a literal image prank like eglooG actually turn into something useful? It may be hard to grasp that something like a prank site could become anything but useful since other prank sites are literally bogus content sites where they fill their pages with senseless rattle. A good example is Uncyclopedia that focuses on parody content for things people would normally search in a regular encyclopedia site like Wikipedia. Google on the other is still able to produce useful information yet the problem is through the awkward, mirror orientation yet this still pulls in some decent effect, like the following:

The whole core concept of Google has allowed the nation to get what they and want without having to worry about digging through illegal ways to access Google because the mirror equivalent wasn't banned. That's right, Google may have been banned and many websites as well but eglooG was not banned at all and since it allows the search results to also be displayed as mirror images, people can now access what they need, albeit in a dysfunctional orientation since everything will be displayed backward.

This simple logic has allowed an entire nation (and other places where some site content is regulated and blocked) to access the internet as a completely free medium of flowing information. It is a very awkward orientation to have to get this done backward but when you have no other solution it is the best shot you have instead of reverting to other search engines that may or may not be able to find the pages that you are looking for. Google is the most powerful tool in the internet as of today in regards of sorting things out as according to their relevance to the keywords used in the search bar and to their overall quality of content but when you got no access to Google, eglooG is the best alternative you have.

It may have started as a mere mirror image site, pursuing the simple idea of portraying things in an illogical but organized mess to make fun of how big of a trending pop-cultural hit that Google has become but with its practical uses it has turned from a prank to a very important necessity in many different places. Without Google people without access to Google would have to rely on very limited resources to get what they need on the internet and most of the time other search engines will fail to meet their expectations and would deliver irrelevant data. Google has eradicated the problem with a simple switch in logic and even the people at All Too Flat did not realize at first just how big of an impact their little prank had rippled into.

The enduring effect of eglooG:

Although the People's Republic of China had finally given in and allowed Google Search to be used once again by the Chinese people, many websites and other content are still controlled and banned, and this scene is not just limited to that one country alone as other countries have banned websites from Facebook to search results in general. eglooG became a radical way to go around this problem and people have been using it ever since it launched in order to get the information or media that they need and want.

It takes a lot of effort to be able to be just a prank site and still be able to produce the rippling effect that Google gave. It is still regarded as one of the best internet prank sites ever created, being able to completely reflect Google in its entirety in a completely different orientation. Where other prank sites are simple parodies of their namesakes, Google took it one step further. It could have been satisfied to be a mirror image of the Google Search homepage but it went above and beyond the call of duty and it even reflects the search results and serves as a fully functional search engine; proper functionality is something you won't normally find in a prank site yet eglooG does it and does it well while still retaining its humorous approach to the topic of "mirror sites".

At the moment eglooG is not available, being updated by the people at All Too Flat. It may or may not reappear anytime soon but the lasting effect will remain to this day as a reminder that the internet will find ways to get things done when things need to get done. Will there be another site like eglooG anytime soon? Perhaps, if the original site from All Too Flat does not resurface and the necessity arises but so far Google remains to be a one of a kind internet prank that eventually became an internet tool.

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